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Wednesday 15th May 2024

Organ recital 


Carlisle Cathedral



Introduction & Passacaglia in D minor                       Reger



Sonata No. 2                                                                   Mendelssohn

Grave – Adagio – Allegro maestoso e vivace – Fugue 



Seven Sketches on verses from the Psalms Set 2    Whitlock

Preambule: Ps 23 v.2 – Intermezzo: Ps 37 v.38 – Sortie: Ps 68 v.25



Minuet in A flat major                                                     Hollins



Toccata in D major                                                        Lanquetuit

Image by Josh Applegate

" Organist Edward Taylor is an excellent collaborator, coaxing from the large instrument registrations that are always appropriate in colour and balance. His performance of the Edmundson is particularly brilliant."

The American Organist Magazine

" He confidently navigated the complexities of playing 2 complete organs from one console, exploiting stop combinations not heard before here...No wonder it was so rapturously received."


Jeremy Truslove, Presenter

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